10 weirdly easy steps to losing weight! By: Ader Ores


Part 1

Losing weight should not necessarily mean climbing Kilimanjaro or the Alps. The best things in life are free as they say, or in our modern world almost free! Losing weight fast should therefore be no different- it should be easy, permanent and yet most pleasurable for everyone! I have compiled a list of things here that you wouldn’t find in one place anywhere and what’s more? They always work splendidly and they are very easy too! They’ll change your life and overweight will be a blurred memory! People have tried all these things and they work splendidly! Here’s how:

  1. Ask yourself if losing weight is important to you or your friends and colleagues. As Ellen G Goldman, a health and wellness coach in the article: 5 Emotional Roadblocks that are keeping you fat as published on 26 November 2013 on sparkpeople.com, most people lose weight to fit into that perfect picture they think can be real. They feel they have everything already except the right weight but when asked how they think they would really feel if they succeed in losing that weight, they suddenly realised that they were no longer sure they would feel comfortable in their own skin.


No wonder they always hit a roadblock each time they tried to lose weight! Losing weight should be your own desire not some unrealistic dream. You should be happy losing weight or not because it’s the same you after all. So be sure you are doing it for you and not for others. If the weight loss is not really what you want, just live fabulously on your own terms and soon the love for self will kick in and help you live a healthy lifestyle because the universe is intelligent to make everything fall in their rightful places!


  1. Sleep, sleep and sleep enough. Studies have shown that not having enough rest can thousands of disorders in your system. They can make your energy level on a permanent low, increase your stress level and entice high blood pressure as your body is overworked through little energy. Your body becomes a tired can that keeps getting pressurized by things you need to do daily. Inadequate sleep can also affect your metabolism negatively says Ellen Goldman because it decreases the rate at which your body burns out fat or your metabolism. So sleep enough and stop trying to be superman or woman and you’ll lose that extra weight!


  1. You don’t need a PhD in weight loss in order to succeed! Losing weight should be a very easy lifestyle. Forget the gym, the numerous weight loss bibles, hectic diets etc. God didn’t create people to be naturally obese. It’s how you live. You only need to manage some little things with the right information. We have numerous natural gifts from nature that can help us lose weight without tears- home cooked beans and oh! Meat- yum! And I love this- delicious vegetables, not cardboards and awful tasting meals all in the name of losing weight. What of nuts which also serves as nice brain foods for remembering things easily and boiled eggs etc.

All these meals are very filling because they are very rich in protein and other essential nutrients as shown in the article: 30 easy ways to lose weight naturally (backed by science) by Adda Bjarnadottir MS on:  www.authoritynutrition.com   Our mothers did warn us not to eat too much meat as it could make us fat! No, no and no. Meats are very enjoyable and so good in increasing the rate at which we burn the fat in the body and they are very filling too!


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