A Letter to My Heart! By Ader Ores


Life today is not easy at all -we work like elephants and eat like ants- electricity bills, rent/ mortgage, children’s school  and tuition fees, insurance, transport / fuel  and parking money, clothing, emergencies, airtime/ contract phone billings, toiletries and groceries etc. So we work month after month for the same routine- a necessity in our present life and may not even be able to handle all of them in one month so it spills over into the next and the next…  A year is gone with very little savings if you are lucky!

The media blames careless spending which could be true but please let’s be realistic: there is so much pressure at work to look good, to look smart, to be punctual, to fit in and to be current with times etc. All these things cost lots of money! And then, we are forced to stay in congested and very expensive areas, away from free accommodation at home. These places also tax you high on electricity bills and daily expenses. No, you are not trying to impress others but just trying to look presentable so you feel good about yourself but within you, you’ve got that constant war going on- the stress of taking instructions all the time, more like a robot and doing things in other people’s way, you are tied of not having enough time to think and be original. You have no time to exercise your brain in a healthy manner… its tough!

All this pressure has made people harsher towards you- Maybe you are used to having true friends who really care about you. Now you have to put up with colleagues and neighbours you usually won’t associate with because not being around them can cause a lot of trouble for you at work and or at home! Call it being naïve but you know it’s true! You wouldn’t want to lose your job or move out of your neighbourhood because of a vindictive person! And you know what? Maybe naturally, this person is kind hearted but got corrupted by the system- was always being used with no reward and then flushed out the moment he or she tries to have a mind of their own – vicious cycle!

Is all this really worth?  We work to feed the economic monster… it’s all a rat race. What happened to putting peace first before anything else, sacrificing to do good because it makes you feel good and makes life simpler because someone else would be itching to help you too when you need them, helping strangers without expecting anything in return etc.? Please, what happened to the real people, where are they? Are we so lost we have no conscience anymore? When last have you really felt happy and am not talking about receiving a notification on your phone from your bank that you’ve just been paid as this money would soon be swallowed up by a giant sets of bills!

What really happened to the world? Is it so sick that finding peace means spending all your life savings in order to get some on Bahamas beach or some other far away Island? Life was much simpler than this until greed subdued us. Now we constantly carry around the scars and illnesses from this greed and are not allowed to get better. Instead, we get worse each day.

See- New technologies were supposed to make life easier for us meaning we get more time for ourselves to be more creative. If we stop forgetting this, we will live a more rewarding life! Shakespeare’s Ullyses was never satisfied, he always wanted more adventures. 18th century scientists were relentless in breaking down the ignorant walls for knowledge…. What have we achieved? Are we machines that must keep other people’s dreams alive to be richer?

Good people let us count it an insult, to be someone’s string puppet and learn not only to be self-sufficient but to be creative. We need to let self-esteem and not greed lead the way. Those who sell on the street are not necessarily less educated as you- you too have refused to educate yourself by going to work every day and allow your mind be wasted on someone else’s experiment and whim. Its present day slavery! You are smart- go out there and chase your dreams. If you are a lawyer because your mum thinks it best for you, quit wasting your own time and find out what really makes you happy! She can try being the lawyer while you chase after your dream. It’s a win-win end!

These days, to study may not cost money if you really want it! Those before you have let themselves into the secret of real living- continued education. The government itself is calling on all individuals to either create something new or keep acquiring knowledge at their expense because in the long run, you will benefit the society with your knowledge and discover something really new! You are smart, stop suffering! Spend more time doing something you truly believe in and you’ll reap the reward.

At least those traders on the street have better room to be creative by doing their own thing even though it seems you are richer than them. You must dive into your own world and bring out the gold in you. Shine and leave that gloomy life behind you. Don’t be scared to achieve your dream or you are dead while still breathing. Live a lasting legacy for you and your future generations and stop working so much for others and having so little left for you!

True living is really being yourself and it generates unexplainable peace that no one can measure! You don’t want to impress others but yourself because if you don’t have real respect for yourself, no one will really respect you and you may never achieve much except working each day for the giant economic machine- to work, pay related bills and work again, with nothing left for the future. Now, here is to the future- to always have more than enough, no matter what!


Yours truly,

Ader Ores


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